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Posted By: S M Campanella

 When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of options out there. So what makes search engine optimisation (SEO) a wise investment for your business? The value of SEO boils down to how it drives leads to your website. Those leads result in an increased audience, they grow your brand awareness and, ultimately, help you by sending potential new customers your way.

What is SEO? 
SEO refers to a web page's ranking on search engines like Google. The purpose of SEO is to optimise pages throughout your website using specific keywords and keyword phrases.

For example, if you own a clothing store in Sydney and you want to rank on the first page of Google when someone searches "trendy clothing Sydney", you would develop a page which incorporates trendy clothing Sydney into the content. Other tools such as metatags, snippets and descriptions are also optimised to help your page land in the top results. 
Keywords are carefully chosen based on the number of monthly searches for that phrase and the level of competition which is looking to use that same keyword. Low competition and high results search results are the ideal combination when selecting a keyword or keyword phrase.
What’s our SEO edge? 
Some SEO companies can get you ranked in the top results, but once you’re on page 1 and not converting any leads,  the service stops.
As we have a mixed team of experts we can identify design flaws and fix them with the inhouse development team. 
What’s our Process?

1. We start with a website analysis. We understand your business and which type of services you provide are the most profitable.
2. Then comes the keyword research. We find the best keywords that are suited to your business. We like a good mix of high and low competition keywords so we get results as quickly as possible,  rather than put you through a 24 month slog.

3. We take a look at your competitors. We use some amazing tools that basically allow us to spy on them and understand what’s working and what’s not. What are they doing? What are they targeting? What looks to be working? What is their website doing? When done right, SEO should tell a story.
4. We take care of any on-page optimisation. This is all the boring stuff that people ‘think’ that’s all SEO is… Meta tags, snippets, descriptions - this is only the beginning. It must be performed - but it’s not the ONE THING that’ll help your SEO strategy.
5. We integrate social media. And, depending on what plan you’re on, we also write and post content to your social media platforms. Social media is a great listening tool for Google. A strong Facebook or Twitter channel is a good indicator of how connected your business is to your community.
6. We write content for your blog. if you don’t have a blog on your website, we can simply create one. We have the manpower to just ‘get it done’. 
7. We write smart press releases and distribute them online. These bring in high quality backlinks, and share exciting updates about your business story with the rest of the world.
8. We create articles and submit them to high end blog networks and forums.
9.We add your business to a variety of directories (True Local, Aussie Web Online, Yellow Pages etc). Each month! The more places that your business shows up, the more connected you are going to be.
10. We source quality High Domain Authority (DA) websites where we can build a backlink via an article we write – or have you appear in a high quality post (news.com.au, entrepreneur.com etc).
11. And of course we report each week and month. You’ll get a weekly summary (pictured below) of where your keywords made the biggest move each week. And we give you a monthly workbook of everything we’ve done this month.

Once your website is optimised for that keyword, whenever someone searches Google using that phrase, your website appears, driving new leads straight to you.
What we also failed to mention is our unique call tracking software. We like to have something tangible so we can be held accountable – well, really so we can both be held accountable. Each month, any calls that come in from an SEO activity are recorded and placed in the dashboard. At the end of each month, we send these to you in a PDF document so you can listen to those calls which are generated purely from SEO that came into the business 
This also allows us to tighten any administration staff who don’t seem to be answering calls as effectively as they could be. 
9 times out of 10, our call tracking software helps businesses tighten up those sales scripts for success.

In one case, one of the girls at the front office had no idea the company (our client)  was even selling a specific service, and when people would call, she would turn them away. Our Call Tracking Software fixed that quick smart.
Keeping an SEO expert on retainer helps you to keep track of your rankings and stay ahead of the competition. We’ve actually been told we’re the ‘in-house marketing department’ – only outside. We truly love being ‘part of our client’s team’.
If you need help with SEO, contact Summit Digital to learn how our SEO process gives our clients an abundance of leads which turn into sales.

Or simply schedule a call with Stephanie, Summit Digital’s Managing Director.

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