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Posted By: S M Campanella

Many SEO experts will tell you that what makes a content page worthy of a high rank, within search results, is the ability to earn backlinks. Therefore, if everything else is equal, this is the difference between content which generates organic traffic and web pages that do not. Essentially, in many instances, good content is ultimately defined by this one characteristic above all others.

According to data supplied by the Advanced SEO experts at Moz, "Out of the top [search] results, a full 99.2% of all websites had at least one external link." Moreover, "77.8% of individual pages in the top results had at least one external link from another site." While there are some examples when individual pages ranked well without backlinks, those tended to be on high-trafficked, major websites like the New York Times, which has the authority and popularity to initially rank well without the support of backlinks.

So, how can you earn backlinks and give a big boost to your SEO? Many SEO experts generally provide the same two or three tips. While these suggestions work, they can become tedious and time-consuming. The first is relationship building, typically targeting online influencers and industry thought leaders, in the hopes that these connections will result in mentions within their content. The next suggestion is guest writing on industry or niche blogs. For this to work, it requires investing the time and effort to create high-quality content that is better saved for your own blog. Finally, the least effective option is commenting on other business' blogs. Unfortunately, today, most blog owners automatically place a "do not follow" on comment links, which makes them almost worthless.

Regardless, at the end of everything, earning high-quality backlinks requires publishing the kinds of content that other business blogs instinctively want to link to. Below is a list of some content ideas and strategies that will help turn your business blog into a backlink generating machine, boosting your search rank and increasing your organic website traffic.

Content for Generating Backlinks

  1. Original Surveys and Data Research - Content creators are always on the lookout for data and statistics. Consequently, new and exciting research can spread rapidly across the internet. Moreover, if your website becomes identified as a citable source, inbound links can grow exponentially in a very short amount of time.
  2. Roundup Posts - Many businesses will shy away from curated content, believing that it leads visitors away from their website. That is not the case with roundup posts, which collects and cites data and statistics from multiple sources and provides insightful commentary. Fact is, online research is time-consuming, and many content creators would rather link to a single digestible article.
  3. Beginners Resources - Articles written for beginners are always valuable content. Moreover, every industry and niche needs content that teaches people the basics, ideas, theories, and jargon. For content creators, linking to such resources saves them the time to explain. Consequently, they do not need to not slow down articles, which benefits those readers who have no need for explanations.

Do you have questions? What haven't we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about how to earn backlinks and boost SEO, or a related topic, please contact us.

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