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Posted By: S M Campanella

Facebook Like ButtonSome new Data was found recently by a online marketing blog I follow.

They found Facebook Photos were bringing in more activity as opposed to using text statuses.

I personally find the 'healthy living' or fitness based photos with quotes on them highly effective.. Read More

Posted By: S M Campanella

Blogging can be a great source of ever green content for your website. Don't know what to blog about? Think about the 10 most common questions someone asks you in your every day business and start there. Read More

Posted By: S M Campanella

I'm a big team sports player, so my trophy cabinet has been filled up with Soccer, Netball and Bowling trophies over the years. It’ll be nice to add this one to the collection.

As a small business owner I work what seems 24/7 at times. So it was very rewarding to receive the Finalist Award for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year. After the announcement I attended the Women in Focus Breakfast at the Commonwealth Bank building in Parramatta and also attended the 2012 WSABE Gala Ball event last Thursday night. I met some amazing business owners with outstanding business progression.

I just wanted to thank everyone I've met over the past 18months. Starting from scratch with 0 contacts was a risk, but without risk there is no reward. I especially want to thank Miss Fit Pole Dancing Studio. You were my first official client to come on-board and without you the business wouldn't have growth with the confidence it's carried since completing that first crucial project.

Here's to next years event!

Below is a picture of myself, Kathy and her amazing team of hair dressers from Flamez Hair Design. I sat with them at the 2012 WSABE Gala Ball and they made my night so much fun! Read More