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Posted By: S M Campanella

If you’ve been looking into setting up or improving your business website the chances are you’ve heard of Adobe Business Catalyst. You’ve probably also been advised to get a professional Catalyst developer to put your site together for you. That might leave you wondering if you’re better doing it yourself, and it’s true that you can find all the tools you need online for free. There are some big disadvantages to that though, and it could end up costing you a lot more – in time if not in cash, and of course when you have a business to run there’s not a lot of difference between the two.

So let’s look at one huge advantage of Business Catalyst – it gives you everything you need in one package. Yes, really just about everything. In fact all you need to supply is the content that describes and shows off your business. Everything else is handled for you.
Let’s start with hosting. Most of the time, when you build a website, the first thing you have to do is get yourself a domain name and a hosting package with some web space. Not now. Business Catalyst packages include secure hosting on Adobe servers. There are multiple locations round the globe, and Business Catalyst plans come with at least 1GB of storage and 1TB of monthly traffic.

There’s no need to integrate email or social media either; that’s all included. You get multiple mailboxes that can be accessed through a webmail interface or set up on your email client. Social media share buttons are included as modules that can be easily added to any part of your site. There’s also another feature that’s vital for today’s web – multi platform support. More and more people will be accessing your site on a phone or tablet, so you need to make sure it displays well on those devices. You don’t want people to be getting a tiny version of what they’d see on a monitor. Business Catalyst makes it easy to develop mobile versions ideal for a smaller screen.

Once your site’s up and running it’s incredibly easy to make updates. You can do it straight from your browser just by clicking on site elements then editing them, and you’ll see exactly what visitors will. The capability goes way beyond tinkering with the text; you can even use drag and drop tools to create web forms.

Higher end plans add even more features, like blog support, email marketing tools and customer databases. You can send out newsletters to your clients to keep them up to date on what you’re doing. You can even set up a full e-commerce platform to let you sell goods, and collect payments, online.

Finally, you get a range of analytical tools to help you manage and improve your site. You can check how many visits you’re getting, track newsletter subscriptions and see how effective your email marketing is. You can even set up live feeds of customer activity.

Business Catalyst is simply the best way to set up and run your company’s website. You won’t have any more issues with software packages that don’t want to work together, because everything is integrated. If you need specialised design tools you can pull in applications from Adobe’s Creative Cloud. With a package this capable, and the expertise to use it, there’s no limit to what your site can do.

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