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Australia is built on small businesses, and what does every small business need? Customers. Customers to connect, share and build relationships with. Where do Aussie businesses find  these customers? Online. Being online is a vital part of your business. Without it you can't connect with your customers.

Your website is the core of your business. It's where your customers will create the first touch points with you. Are you proud of your website? The core of your business?

We custom build websites on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. Websites that express your unique selling point. Highlighting your objectives and experience. The Adobe Business Catalyst platform brings together a smooth mobile friendly interface along with marketing tools such as Customer Relationship Management and Email Marketing. 

Summit Web Design is based in Norwest, but with the nature of our work, we can organise to meet anywhere across Sydney. 

Summit is head by Stephanie Campanella. Stephanie has used Adobe Business Catalyst since 2009. Interacting with partners all around the world has lead to her success by continually learning and taking on new challenges.

Stephanie has great enthusiasm for creating websites that not only look good, but convert as part of a businesses' marketing strategy.

Feedback from Clients

You worked with me to understand my needs and kept me in the loop of what was happening at each step of the building of the website, so I felt included in the project. I appreciated the checking in to make sure we were on the same page as the website was being built. This meant tweaking could be make along the way and therefore we avoided wasting time with re-doing things and the website could keep moving forward in production. Thankyou!!  
Ginny Lindsay
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